Music Lessons – Music Instruction

The AFG Music Team of Music Instructors offers music lessons on all of the following instruments:

Guitar (acoustic and electric), Bass (electric and upright), Banjo, and Mandolin;

Violin and Cello;

Piano and Keyboards;

Drums and percussion;

And Band instruments.

We offer music instruction at all levels, from beginner to music master class level.

So, whether you don’t know how to hold an instrument, or have been playing for decades in a professional setting, we can offer music lessons to fit your needs. Here are some things you should know about the AFG Music approach to music lessons:

Our music lessons are taught by professional musicians …

who are also professional music educators, so you can be sure you will learn what you need to make beautiful music.

For more on each instructor, just click on their names. Our instructors include:

Fred Gillett – guitar, violin, banjo, mandolin

Anita Gillett – piano, cello, violin

John Lundgren -drums, percussion, piano, keyboards, reeds an Brass.

Our instructors are skilled with students of all ages.

Whether you’re looking for someone to teach a child of age 5 or a great-grandparent of age 85, or anyone in between, we can help you build the skills you need. All you need is a willingness to learn, and a desire to embrace the Power of Music.

All our instructors practice full music instruction …

not just memorizing one song. When you take music lessons at AFG Music, you will learn how to play your favorites, but you’ll also build the ability to play anything. You will literally amaze your friends when you sit down with your instrument and play.

We teach all kinds of music lessons …

Classical, rock, jazz, pop, dance, whatever your favorite music is. The great Duke Ellington once told a party guest that “There are only two kinds of music: Good and Bad.” If you like it, it’s probably the Good kind of music, and we play and teach it.

Private lessons or group lessons?

If you’re one of 12 to 25 students sitting around a room for 30 to 60 minutes, you will not learn as much as you can with individual, private music instruction. AFG Music offers private music lessons, one-on-one with the instructor, to make sure you get the attention you need.

Will you play by yourself or with others?

Music lessons that let you play in a group, band, or orchestra are vital if you want to play with other musicians. “Playing together” is one of music’s most difficult skills. Our music teachers all play in small and large ensembles as well as solo, and can teach you how to play your part in a bigger musical sound.

Special Needs students?

We’re proud to say that we have taught music students who have a range of special issues, including blindness, and always look forward to working with these wonderful people. Our music teachers believe music lessons are for everyone, and these exceptional people belong in the world of music.

Before you choose a music teacher, think about these points.

Then meet the teacher, and see how you get along. Make sure he or she can teach music lessons for what you want to know. You’re going to put time, money, and effort into learning music. The right music instruction can assure you get better results than you ever thought!

Cost and Timing: The Details:

The Standard Music Instruction Plan at AFG Music is one half-hour private music lesson per week. Our fee is a standard $100 per month, which gives you a free “bonus” lesson about 4 months a year. If you need an instrument, please see our rental page. We can get you a good student instrument at a very low price.
Single music lessons are $38 per lesson, and are scheduled and tailored in advance to the student’s skills, desires, and needs. (This option is not regularly scheduled on a continuing basis. Please note that this option is a per-lesson fee.)

Individual music instruction plans can be arranged with the instructors to meet the specific needs of each student.

AFG Music and our team of music instructors looks forward to welcoming you to the great world of musicians! Call us at (949) 642-1686 and let’s talk about your music lessons. Please leave a message if we’re out playing somewhere, so we can get back to you!