Instrument Repairs and Service

Folks, every musical instrument needs maintenance.

Some things you can do yourself, but when you need more attention, or are not sure what you need, AFG Music should be your first choice.

We offer free estimates on all instrument work, so there’s no risk to you. We can’t diagnose it over the phone, but bring it in, and we’ll check it out for you.

We will show you the functional repairs and cosmetic repairs that can be made, and split out the prices. That way, you can pay only what it takes to make your instrument sound nice – unless you also want to pay to make it look nice (and AFG Music can make it look beautiful).

clarinet 1 s 169x300 - Instrument Repairs and Service

At the left is an instrument that needed help before AFG Music’s repair shop worked its music instrument repair magic on it.

clarinet 2 s 169x300 - Instrument Repairs and Service

And now at the right, here’s the same instrument after AFG Music worked on it.


See the difference? We’re guessing – no, you did not. And that’s the point. Most music instrument repair issues are internal, and hidden to the naked eye. AFG Music’s musical instrument repair experts know how to find those problems, and what to do about them. You might never see the difference, but when you play, you will certainly hear and feel the difference.

Our Music Instrument Repair Team

The AFG Music technician who works on your instrument has decades of experience, so he won’t be making “learner mistakes” on your gear. That’s why AFG Music offers a 100% guarantee on our repairs. If you think the instrument needs more help, bring it in and show us – we’ll make it right. AFG Music will tell you when an instrument is beyond economical repair, rather than waste your time and money. We’ll show you why it would be better for you to move to a new instrument, and compare prices to get you headed in the right direction. So, that used instrument on which you got a great deal on eBay or Craig’s List that needs “just a little work” – bring it to AFG Music. We’ll give you the straight story about whether it’s a keeper – at no charge. And if it needs some fix up, we’ll do it for you, promptly and at a great price.

Some shops specialize in a single family of instruments, but AFG Music is fully qualified on the whole orchestra. Whether you have a string instrument (violin, cello, guitar, bass, and all their cousins), a horn (trumpet, trombone, cornet, baritone, tuba, or Sousaphone), a woodwind (clarinet, oboe, flute, recorder, even a bassett horn), percussion or piano, AFG Music is your one-stop shop.

Prices are subject to change at any time. To give an accurate price for your instrument’s repair and service, we must see the instrument, and in servicing it, we may find hidden issues which require more work. We cannot give a firm price without inspecting the instrument first, so please bring it in and let us help you.

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