Instrument Rentals

The AFG Music Instrument Rental program is an ideal way for band students and beginning students to begin learning an instrument without making an expensive investment in a costly new instrument. Also, new students sometimes start on one instrument and find they prefer another. A rental program lets them easily switch and gain skills with a second (or third or fourth) instrument.

Rental Program

The rental program generally provides Used Instruments for those who wish to play music without a costly, long-term commitment. We can arrange for New Instruments if desired, and if available, at a higher price.

Payments range from $21.00 to $70.00 per month depending on the instrument desired – see the list below.

Details and Conditions:

The minimum initial rental period is three months, with the rental continuing month-to-month after that. Monthly rental fee may change at any time after the first three months, with one month notice. The rental fee also includes theft, damage, and repair service coverage. If you wish to purchase, six months rental credit may apply to the price of the instrument rented, or any other instrument of equal of greater value.

To sign up, AFG Music requires:

  • Valid California Drivers License (Identification)
  • Current MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover
  • Fully completed and signed application.

Instruments and Monthly Rental Fee: For string instruments, customer must specify size. New instrument prices contingent on availability.

Instrument Rental (Used) Rental (New)
Flute $21 $32
Clarinet $21 $30
Alto Sax $45 $65
Tenor Sax $47 $70
Oboe $40 $70
Trumpet $21 $32
Silver Trumpet $26 $45
Trombone $21 $32
Silver Trombone $26 $45
French Horn $55
Violin $21 $32
Viola $21 $32
Cello $45 $68
String Bass $60
Guitar $23 $35