About AFG Music

Since 1980, AFG Music has been the center of music education, performance, and instrument rentals and repairs in the heart of Orange County. From our Costa Mesa base, we have a staff of professional musicians who encourage and support music in the community, at every level. We work with grade schools, high schools, various community and professional bands, orchestras and ensembles, and play and teach solo performance.

In 1990, we created the Orange County Community Orchestra which performed for community groups including Coastline College for approximately 12 years.

AFG Music’s founder and CEO, Fred Gillett, is a proud veteran of the United States Navy. He served in Washington, D.C., in the U.S. Navy Band, and has played at the White House, and at diplomatic events. During his service, Fred played many instruments and performed in many formats. We are always excited to work with other veterans and their families.

AFG Music stocks reeds for most reed instruments, strings for most string instruments, including guitars and basses, and brass supplies such as valve, tuning slide grease, etc.

AFG Music rents and repairs most string, reed, and brass instruments. For repairs, please see our Repair Page. For rentals, please see our Rental Page.

We have a staff of professional musicians who teach their respective instruments, at all levels of instruction, from beginner to professional. For more on music lessons and music instruction, please see our Lessons and Instruction Page.



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